Skydiving Melbourne doesn’t get any more thrilling. Experience the ultimate adrenalin rush tandem skydiving from our St Kilda drop zone, the closest skydiving center to Melbourne CBD. Exit the plane from up to 15,000 feet for an insane 60 seconds of life-changing freefall.

  • Tandem beach skydive from up to 15,000ft over St Kilda, Melbourne

  • 3 months membership of the Australian Parachute Federation

  • Personalized certificate of achievement



  • Wear loose, casual clothing and sneakers as footwear. We provide customized jump pants to put on over your clothes, and in winter we provide fleeces and gloves. If you need anything, just ask. We’re all about keeping you safe and comfy!


  • You must not have consumed any drugs or alcohol in the eight hours preceding your skydive, and you cannot scuba dive 24 hours before skydiving.

    • You must be 12 years of age or older to skydive. There is no maximum age limit, however reasonable fitness is required. If you are over 110kg, you will be subject to a tandem master assessment. Surcharges apply to participants 95kg and over.

    • If you are under 18 please send an e-mail to and we will forward you a parental or guardian consent with instructions.

    • No GoPro Cameras, mobile phones, or other devices are accepted. If you want to get photos you must purchase video&photos after your skydive

  • Skydiving is a weather dependent activity, so arrive with no time constraints. Keep your mobile on - we'll call you on the day if conditions are unfavorable. You can call us on +61 404 404 564 otherwise assume your jump is going ahead.


·Medical conditions which could affect your safety should be discussed with your doctor prior to your booking. No alcohol or “recreational” drugs are to be taken for at least 8 hours prior to arrival. Please advise SA if you are taking prescription medication.



  • Location 42A Marine Parade

  • Public Transport (The 96 tram)

  • Free Shuttle Bus

  • Please note: Our transfer service is conducted once daily and bookings are essential. You must select the 8am check-in time upon booking to be eligible for the transfer service. The return trip will leave for Melbourne CBD once all participants have completed their skydiving and received their videos/photos.



  • Skydive Melbourne (St Kilda) up to 15,000ft skydive

Midweek Special                 $364             $35 APF**               Monday – Friday

Weekend Special                 $414             $35 APF**               Saturday & Sunday& Public holidays


  • Video & Photo Packages***

Handicam Photos                                 $129                                                              

Handicam Video & Photos                 $159

*All the booking will be charged $40.6 non-refundable administration fee. The remaining payment will be paid directly to the drop zone on the day. Along with the $35 levy

**APF ($35): That’s a membership to The Australian Parachute Federation, This is a compulsory requirement to skydive in Australia. If you wish to skydive anywhere else in Australia within the next 12 months you won’t need to pay that fee again. If you have done a skydive in the previous 12 months in Australia you won’t need to pay this fee either.

*** Photos and videos can be purchases after skydiving



  • Booking payments are per person (individual). Booking payments are non-refundable but are transferrable. All skydives include a 40.6 administration fee which is non-refundable. To change your booking to a different date and time, we require 96 hours notice or your booking payment(s) will be void. Rebooking your skydive without 96 hours notice will incur a 40.6 rebooking fee. Failure to turn up at the ‘check-in’ time will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

Midweek Special                 $364             $35 APF**               Monday – Friday​

Weekend Special                 $414            $35 APF**               Saturday & Sunday& Public holidays

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Chillax Tours - Parks Victoria
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