The adventure of a lifetime...


We fly hot air balloons over Melbourne at Sunrise, the safest moment of the day to do so. As balloons float in the wind, we decide each morning, after assessing the wind and weather conditions of the day, which of our many launch sites is our best option on the day. We might take off from Williamstown and drift over the city to land in parks close to the Eastern Freeway, we could take off from Albert Park and fly towards Essendon or Northcote, we could sometimes take off from Moorabbin and land at Royal Park… the options are countless.

•    Melbourne proves time and time again why it so often is voted the most liveable city in the entire World and a balloon flight at Sunrise is surely the way to start a memorable day.
•    Duration: Flights on average last approximately one hour. Flights might be shorter or longer subject to weather conditions and areas to land on and is entirely up to the discretion of the pilot.
•    What to bring: Comfortable shoes, Sun hat, Wear clothes as for hiking, Warm socks, Sunglasses, change of socks, don’t forget your camera!
•    After we have landed, together with willing passengers, we proceed to pack the balloon away and we will drive you back to our original meeting place where you can enjoy an optional five-star champagne breakfast, truly the best way to finish your morning with us.


•    We will meet at the Sofitel Hotel on 25 Collins Street as stated in your confirmation email, approximately one and a half hours before Sunrise.
•    Yes, this is EARLY, especially in Spring and Summer when we can sometimes meet as early as 04:15 A.M. Our aim is to be in the air before Sunrise, not only to see the Sun rise from a balloon over Melbourne, but also because this is the safest moment of the day to fly, when the winds tend to be at their calmest.

•    WEEKDAY FLIGHTS            $430
•    WEEKEND FLIGHTS            $460


•    The Operator recommends that pregnant persons do not fly in a hot air balloon and we will not carry passengers who are over 12 weeks pregnant. Passengers who suspect they may be pregnant should check with their doctor before travel.
•    The Operator will not carry passengers who have participated in a scuba dive the within 24 hours before their balloon flight. Passengers diving the day before travel should check with a qualified dive master as to the safety of the passenger in participating in the balloon flight. 
•    Passengers with medical conditions should check their suitability to fly prior to booking and advise our staff when booking. As the entire tour could last more than 4 hours, passengers are advised to carry any necessary medication with them. 
•    Passengers will not be allowed to fly if their judgement is impaired by alcohol, drugs, or prescription medicine or if their behaviour bothers other passengers
•    Children must be a minimum of SIX years old to travel on the balloon flight and children up to the age of TWELVE years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the balloon flight.

1.    If you cancel your flight more than 7 days before the flight, no cancellation fee will be charged however you will be able to reschedule a new flight day
2.    If you cancel your flight within 7 days before the flight, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged, however you will be able to reschedule a new flight day
3.    If you cancel your flight within 48 hours the flight, no refund will be offered and you will not be able to reschedule a new flight day