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Chillax Tours Australia is a tour operator and travel agency located in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

We specialize in Tours, Travel Packages, and Sports Events in Victoria. However, we are always expanding and enhancing our wide range of offers, as well as adding new and exciting tours and activities.

We always work thinking of you, of your needs, but above all, of your expectations. We know that every detail is important, and for this reason, make our best effort to care for all those "little things" which will always make the difference so that your trip will be exceptional.


Our service is characterized by being flexible and creative in the design of itineraries; for this, we are diligent in the selection of our transport personnel, guides, and all those persons involved in the operation.

Wilsons Prom

If you’re planning the journey of a lifetime to Australia, these are the places that should be at the very top of your bucket list. Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles, Grampians, and more...

This is the list that tests your limits. How does paragliding sound look like? 

We offer you destinations that have not lost the naturalness where no one can provide. The section will be available right after Corona restrictions.

Penguin Parade


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